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  • 6 (3pairs) Multi-Way Pin Straps™️ (2 white, 2 nude, 2 black)


  • 1 pair of Multi-Way clear Pin Straps™️( clear) to secure your strapless and replace worn out straps ( Pin Straps™️ measures 10 inches in length and can be extended to 20 inches
  • 1 Laundry Bag to wash your bras and straps in! ( laundry bag measure 6 1/2 inches height x 6 1/2 wide

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Pin Straps are removable, interchangeable, everyday wear bra straps:

Ultimate Bra Strap & Strapless Support SOLUTION!

Save your bra! These innovative technology advance bra straps with Pin-Latch hooks instantly replaces your worn out, stretched or broken bra straps. 


  • Comfortable on shoulders and easy to use;
  • Several options for attachment; straps hooks on and pin latch for instant use
  • Instantly attaches to your traditional bra, strapless, convertible bra and shapewear
  • Provides the best support
  • Removable; straps pin-latch hooks quickly detaches from your garment to use with your other lingeries
  • Pin Straps makes your bra into a multi-way bra; can be used traditional, X-cross, halter, and more!
  • Strong; Works with virtually every bra size
  • Straps Material; Satin Spandex/Nylon of High Quality
  • Patented Pin-Latch Hooks technology
  • Straps Length 10 inches extends to 20inches ( strap width 12mm)

Easy to use:

  1. Just cut off your old bra straps (no sewing) or tuck them in, and then with the new straps discreet tiny Pin Latch you can easily and safely attach your Pin Straps anywhere you need them (on the inside along the trim of your bra or shapewear)
  2. or if wearing a strapless bra or shapewear that has no eye loops you can make it into a multi-way with these Pin Straps – Instant attachment (no sewing); use halter style, x-cross, on both shoulders, on one shoulder, v-style and more!
  3. These innovative bra straps also hooks on and pin latch to your bra eye loops (keeps the straps in place all day) so you won’t have to worry of your straps slipping off like traditional bra straps do.

The versatility, comfort and support is amazing! You will feel like these Pin Straps were custom made for you.


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